Hello world!

Oh, hi! My name is Rachael, or Rach for short. I’m 21 and expecting my first baby. Lily is due 26th May. Four weeks tomorrow! Yeah, I’m a bit excited.

So far, things have been going okay. She’s crossed the centile though, so I have to go into hospital twice a week for a check-up. Her heartbeat’s really strong and BOY does she wiggle – the check-up is just the midwives being super careful.

The other thing is I’m Resus Negative. Iron has been a real issue, but I’m getting better now. Mum and Dad have swapped my bedroom with my little sister’s and I have a cot set up. Next on the agenda is redecorating and getting a pram. Running out of time!


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6 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. How exciting there is nothing in this world like having a baby and your first is even more exciting I am res negative also I didn’t have any problems and neither did any of my three sons, enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and I Know you will enjoy your baby hope everything goes well #blogginggoodtime@_karendennis

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